The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

The second-best time is now.

Jana Schmidtchen

Jana Schmidtchen is a Landscape Architect and the founder of Studio Botaniq. She studied Classical Landscape Architecture in Germany and went on to work as a Landscape Architect in the Channel Islands and later on in Amsterdam, where she’s based for the last 12 years.

She has worked on a number of significant projects both public and private, designing functional gardens to cater to new trends, gardens that embrace simplicity, gardens that create a sense of retreat. Her portfolio lists well over 100 garden and landscape projects, including Hotel gardens such as the Hoxton Hotel, the QO Amsterdam Hotel, and The Radisson Hotel.

Named Best Boutique Landscape Architecture Design Firm in this year’s Construction & Engineering Awards by Build Magazine, Studio Botaniq, and Jana Schmidtchen will continue to design luxurious gardens for businesses and people looking to unwind, relax and enjoy a deeper connection to our natural world. 

Studio Botaniq has started a small, slow and peaceful green revolution. 

One garden at a time.