Garden Consultation

Not sure what to plant where? Have you moved into a new home and are now wondering what’s growing in your garden? Our garden consultation service consists of an on-site visit to your garden to answer all your questions about design, planting, and maintenance of your garden. Issues addressed can be themes like:

  • Identify plants in your garden and answer your questions about them.
  • Discuss ideas to improve or redesign your garden – whether you’re working within a tight budget or want to be inspired by new possibilities.
  • Suggest solutions to your garden problems – how to screen the neighbours, what to do where the lawn won’t grow or how to add more colour.
  • Suggest new plants for your garden – what will grow where, choices for colour, fragrance, shade, screening, etc.
  • Answer questions about pruning, pests and diseases, fertilising and weed control.

In many cases, the garden consultation is all that you’ll need in order to make satisfying and sustainable changes to your garden. The total cost of your garden consultation and written report is € 220,- (excl. tax).

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