The House of Architect Pedro Useche

This is the home of the Venezuelan architect Pedro Useche as seen on yatzerLocated in Sao Paolo, Brasil, the residence can be described as a versatile safe heaven. Its location in the up-the-hill sophisticated Morumbi neighbourhood gives the house an opportunity to offer beautiful panoramas.

The exterior landscape is very welcoming and very homely; plants from the local region and the lush green surrounding environment interact invitingly with the architecture. Seeking the wellbeing and the bliss of living in the residence, Useche has designed a friendly and hospitable environment where one can interact and be close to nature – a relationship which is evident from the façade. The original structure which is built of concrete has been gradually covered by various lush climbing plants in varying shades of green. The abundant flora can also be seen from the living room which has a double height and skylights which favour natural lighting.

Solar energy panels are the eco-friendly feature every home needs and the luscious garden creates a sense of equilibrium.