Summer Containers

1. Origanum laevigatum ‘Hopleys’ This oregano has scented, edible leaves. It flowers in late summer. Height Up to 60cm.
2. Mentha requienii Tiny, mossy leaved creeping water mint with pungent aroma. Height About 1cm.
3. Cotula hispida Soft grey-green leaves and tiny button flowers hovering above. Height Up to 40cm.
4. Festuca glauca Glaucous, tussock-forming grass. Height Up to 30cm.
5. Pratia pedunculata Blue star creeper is a mat-forming evergreen that flowers all summer. Height About 2cm.
See the July issue of Gardens Illustrated (issue 175) for more ideas from Jinny Blom on planting summer containers - including a meadow in a pot.
Photography by Andrew Montgomery