Jana Schmidtchen studied at the University of Nürtingen and holds a degree in landscape architecture. She also writes for a number of publications on landscape architecture and gardens and holds the title of editorial journalist. During the past 10 years, Jana has designed numerous gardens in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the Channel Islands.

Her passionate interest in plants and design stems from childhood experiences in her grandfather’s large organic vegetable garden. She also gets inspired from nature, art, and traveling around the world. Jana strives to continually develop her knowledge of garden design, plants, and sustainable materials.

Jana’s primary goal is to design outdoor spaces that invite their owners to relax and find serenity. Her use of water, light and shade, luxurious layers of planting, as well as various places to sit down and unwind all create a strong atmosphere of tranquility and enjoyment.

After having worked for several design offices in various countries, Jana decided to use her experiences and expert knowledge to start her own office, ‘botaniq' in the spring of 2010.